Senior Bookkeeper – A typical day

So you are settled into your new role as a Senior bookkeeper at MBS Accountants. A typical day might look like this.

You arrive promptly at 9:20 am and make your way into the office. You drop your bag and coat at your desk and go make yourself a nice warm cup of tea before you fire up your MacBook and check any slack messages or urgent emails and gather your notes from the end of the previous day on any current challenges you might have.

At 9:30 you head into the meeting room for our morning team huddle. It’s a quick opportunity to fire any questions or requests for help to other team members to ensure the day can start off on a positive. You make a few notes on some tasks that other team members have asked you to help with (a few phone calls to chase clients and a few items to scan and file).

You head back to your desk and you set about doing your routine bookkeeping. This involves taking some photos of some invoices and receipts for clients, uploading these to Dext then checking them and allocating the cost account code and the VAT rate. You then head to the Xero app and reconcile the payments and receipts in the bank accounts to these invoices.

It’s now about midday. You’ve had a few phone calls to answer during that time but it’s mainly been taking messages and adding them as to-do items in our internal software for the appropriate staff member(s) or sending internal messages on Slack.

At 12:15 a potential new client arrives for their meeting. You greet them by name and offer them a drink and a seat and explain the person they are meeting will be with them shortly before making them their drink and engaging in some small talk so they feel welcome.

Whilst they are in the meeting you sort the few tasks from the morning meeting and update those who requested it that it’s been sorted and any next steps such as when you’ll next follow up. You also open today’s post and scan it, saving it to the client files but also letting the appropriate client manager know in case action is needed.

The potential new client has signed up so there are some tasks to sort. You gather the notes from the meeting and scan them in as well as previous notes and save them to the client file. You then trigger our new client setup process and begin by adding them to our various internal systems, triggering the next appointments into the diary and get a welcome pack ready and arrange postage (the process guide talks you through it step-by-step).

You take a call in the afternoon from a client who has recently moved their business to a new location and needs to update their address. You haven’t done this before but you dive into our processes software and after a quick search find all the necessary steps to take. You work your way through it but get stuck with a missing authentication code. You try your best to resolve it but seek help from the rest of the team who quickly tell you how to resolve this. You request a copy of the code, set a reminder to complete the task in around a weeks time and drop the client a quick email to keep them in the loop and to look out for the code and pass it on ASAP when it arrives.

You spend the afternoon following our detailed VAT review process, checking over the clients bookkeeping for accuracy and ensuring all VAT rules have been followed. You send these VAT returns to the client for approval. You also carry out some review work of some clients previous bookkeeping before joining us for quality and accuracy using our checking and review tools as well as your own skills and experience.

You finish the day by phoning a few clients who have some outstanding queries from recent work we have completed but have not yet responded to. You agree a suitable timescale for the response and agree to follow up if it isn’t sorted by then, adding a reminder for yourself so you don’t forget.

You finish the day by making quick notes on any challenges you have to complete any tasks ready for the following morning huddle.