Portal Folders

Here is a quick guide on how to change folders within our portal.

We use Accountancy Manager to host our secure portal giving you access to documents in a GDPR compliant manner that is safer than attachments via email.

You can access the portal here – www.accountancymanager.co.uk/signin

You can watch the video below (or scroll for written instructions)

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

Please login to the portal using this link – www.accountancymanager.co.uk/signin

Once logged in if you get a view of your data to check then scroll to the bottom and click continue

At the top of the page hover over document portal and select the portal for the correct company (or yourself).

Once in please then use the folder structure to navigate through the available documents.

If you have any documents to approve a banner will appear asking you to approve them.

Should you get stuck or have any questions then please email info@mbsaccountants.co.uk