about us

“MBS is about truly making a difference to business owners lives. Our outsourced finance function ensures you have real clarity over your business performance. Culture is truly important to us. It helps us ensure we have truly the best people to help you. We are a true business partner and we ensure you get the same advice we would want as business owners ourselves. For this reason, we only want people working for us who truly think like we do. This is all so you can stop surviving and start thriving!”

Ian & Samantha Morgan
Directors of MBS Accountants

About MBS Accountants

We believe too many business owners are just surviving when they should be thriving!

We often have this great idea that we want to change our industry for the better, work less and earn more.  Great aspirations but sadly somewhere along the line it likely didn’t work out like that!

Well, that’s where we think differently.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The average small business in the UK makes just £15,000 profit per year.  Our average client makes £43,793.

Why we do what we do

Simple.  We have a proven process to work towards becoming a thriving business!  We believe every business should be achieving a good level of profit that allows the owner to be thriving rather than just surviving!

How we do what we do

We believe that businesses should be looking forward and planning the future rather than looking back to last year to see how you did perform.  After all that’s in the past and you can’t do anything about it!  So we get our clients producing plans for the future, tracking performance against those plans and then spending time reviewing and thinking about the required actions.

What we do

So we are accountants!  However, we use our skills to help you as the business owner not help the government get tax returns filed.  Yes we do file tax returns but that is not our main focus.

As Xero Certified Gold Champion Partners we know how to use the latest in cloud technology to ensure your accounts are always up to date with the minimum of input required. You can see how your business is performing right now in a couple of clicks.  Planning, growing and developing the future of your business is a breeze with us by your side.

Practice what we preach

The reason we believe in our processes so much is because we live and breath them ourselves.  Everything that we offer as a service we also do ourselves.  Right from business plans through to coaching.

We have a culture of core values which are massively important to how we operate.  They help us succeed by creating a truly brilliant culture. Everyone at MBS buys into our culture and lives and breathes it everyday.  We map our own future, define success and review performance.  Our overall vision though is bigger than us.  We are working towards one day every business owner being able to thrive rather than just survive.

Our Core Values

Do what you say

Open and honest

Take responsibility

Team player


As part of our partnership with GoProposal we have been awarded a clear pricing champion award.  You can rest assured the pricing from us is clear and transparent.